Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love N' Hate


*Summer Rose Beauty Powder from the Rose Romance Collection. I love the rosy hint it gives my cheeks... might have to run back & get a back up.

*MAC's Select SPF 15 foundation in NW 20. Makes my complexion look flawless darling! LOL!

*The weather! Yep, the weather in AZ is actually tolerable, yesterday the hubby & I sat outside & enjoyed some ice cream! I heart the weather...

*The craziness with the effin SWINE FLU! I work at a Medical Facility so the patients are SUPER PARANOID!

*The absurd amount of paperwork that has accumulated for me to do! I need to stop being such a lazy-poo & get to it...

*My mom giving me such a hard time about buying new makeup on a weekly basis! Ugggh! Speaking of which, I'll have to post some pics of the Lippy Sticks I bought yesterday!!! (I think I may have found a dup for HK FASHION MEWS!!!)

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