Friday, April 10, 2009

Nail Polish & Free Mary Kay!

That's right! Free Mary Kay products!

One of my co-worker had a mound of MK products that she couldn't sell, so being the kind person that she is, she allowed us gals at work to stock up on freebies!

Of course yours truly had first dibs on this one.
So here's what I picked up...

Nourishing Lip Glosses

L to R: Pink Diamonds-Cream & Sugar-Melon Sorbet
...and I must say they smell great too!!!

I also got...
Creme Lipsticks
L to R: Couture Pink & Champagne

These lipsticks are glittery & have imprints of STARS on them!

(similar to the Hello Kitty ones from the M.A.C. collection)

..::On to part DEUX ::..

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply yesterday & picked up some nail color. I wanted something sorta "Springy" & trendy.

L to R: Footsie Fuchsia- Pretty as a Picture- Fool's Gold (all by Finer Paints)

I got the gold color because I remember reading something about GOLDISH colors being in soon. So yeah I decided I'd get a heads up on that trend!

So with all this fun make-up I think I'm ready to start my weekend!

How 'bout you ladies? Any plans???


  1. Wow the lipglosses look really good, and usually I hate Mary Kay!

  2. Wow freebies!! Mary Kay tends to be a little bit pricey. I had an old roommate who sold them i used to+ get free samples from her :)