Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Revlon Mary Kay & Prestige Haul

Did some more damage to my poor wallet again.... eeeek! I got a few Lippys from Revlon & Prestige & some freebies from Mary Kay curtsy of "The Lady From Work". I also developed my own creation which is a great dup to the HELLO KITTY FASHION MEWS lippy! Tell me what you gals think!!!!

Complete Haul
(click to enlarge pics)

The Revlon & Prestige Lippies

Mary Kay Mineral Shimmer & Shadow


The Creation from the FASHION MEWS dup


(as you can see from the pic above, both swatches look very alike)
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**Pics of a FOREVER 21 haul**


  1. How do you like the Revlon lipsticks?
    I have been hearing alot about these, I think I might have to grab them.

    Love your blog, come stop by mine and say hello !

    XX Belle

  2. thanks so much :D
    i love ur page!