Friday, June 12, 2009

The BIGGER the hair the closer to Heaven!

This weekend I headed over to Walgreens to purchase Bumpits. I had been wanting to try this because I was so tired of the damage teasing does to my hair. To my surprise, the were actually on sale for $9.99! WOW! I went home super happy knowing that I'd have luscious/sexy/voluminous hair with ease from now on all thanks to Bumpits!
To make a long story short, they sucked =( I really had a difficult time getting the little sucker to stay on my head. I ended up still having to tease my hair a bit to get it to kinda stay! What the heck, this just defeats the purpose of purchasing it.
So today I marched myself back to Walgreens to return it. The store manager told me that many others had been retuning them too! He said that his wife & sister-in-law bought them too and hated them.
If you're one of the luck ladies who were able to get this product to work for you, then kudos to you my darlings!


I guess its back to the teasing comb & massive amounts of hairspray!


  1. AHHH!!....Thanks for posting..I seriously thought about purchasing this. It looked so effortless and easy. I am SOOO glad I'm going to save my precious time instead!

  2. ohhh nooo..ive seen this on tv. thanks for letting us know though.

  3. i had the same problem as you did too. I had to return mine also..

  4. OMG I was just thinking of buying that today!! I have been watching YouTube videos on it, and thought it looked like it would work. Not only that, but Sally Beauty Supply is selling it for $9.99, and the reviews on their website are GOOD!!!!

    I hate teasing my hair. I don't do it very often, because I don't want to damage my hair.

  5. Oh nooooooooo!!! That is such a good deal but it doesn't work? bummerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. - _ - thanks for the review though girly!

  6. lol, seems like it would take the same time for the same results! lol, I'm not much to do my hair, I don't even dry my hair after I shower :X

    thanks for the comment too, I really did spend a while doing all of those looks LOLLL

  7. lol this product makes me smile :) It just instantly looks like a great idea, but one that will never look how it is supposed to.


  8. hey girl. thanks for stopping by and commenting. For the lips, i used Almay line smoother concealer in light/medium and i topped with with NYX round lipstick in Rea :)