Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silky Hair

A love when I touch my hair and it's silky soft. To achieve that soft feel, I apply Biosilk Silk Therapy to my hair on a daily basis. And I just love how it smells, I really can't describe it, it's just so nice. I buy my Biosilk at Costco for the best price in town, less than $9 for the 5.64 fl. oz. bottle. At other places such as Target they sell for over $20 a bottle. Once when I purchased it at the JC Penny Beauty Salon, the sales lady told me that you can also use it on your skin like lotion. I tried it and it's true. Wow silky hair & skin from one little bottle.

This is what the Biosilk website says about their product:

Silk Therapy
ideal for all hair types
leave in replenishing & reconstructing treatment
bonds & strengthens the hair inside & outside
fills any voids on cuticle layer
repairs split ends
protects (Heat, UV, cold, pollution)
incredible shine

no build up, no weight
fantastic for skin care
Available in: 0.5 oz,. 2.26 oz, 12 oz. & 34 oz.

The Biosilk brand sells a wide range of hair products. The only one I have used is the Silk Therapy, but I am eager to try the rest. TJ Maxx, usually has Biosilk products for a fraction of the price.


  1. I LOVE Biosilk, iI use it a lot, it really does help with shine and makes my hair feel healthy

  2. I love this stuff! I went to Sam's the other day, but they were out so I got stuck getting CHI! I'm not complaining because it works just as good, but I prefer the scent of biosilk T^_^

    and thank you for your comment :) I'd wear red lipstick everyday if everyone didn't look at me funny :D