Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forever 21 Accessories

It has been said that accessories are what make or break an outfit....I truly believe that this is true. Notice who sometimes you can totally spruce up an outfit by just adding a simple necklace or pair of earrings??? It's almost like a magical accessory power! As an true Forever 21 addict, I decided to purchase a few odds and ends there since this store is so affordable and fashionable. I picked up 2 heart necklaces that were $5.80 each and a cocktail ring that was around the same price too!!! I know that there are lots of shops that have many beautiful accessories, but to me nothing beats Forever 21's prices, originality and quality. Don't get me wrong, what girl doesn't love to see a beautiful blue box fromTiffany's every once in a while? But when you need a little something to complete an ensemble Forever 21 is right there to help.


  1. I LOVE Forever 21...It's my quick fix when I need clothes or accessories.

  2. cute pieces!! i love f21!!!! so cute n affordable!!!

    thanks for the recommendation. i think i've heard of that place. i have yet to try it!! so wait for my post on it!! hehehe