Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hard Candy Honeymoom Blush

Since my last Hard Candy purchase, I have been very satisfied with their products. On my latest trip to Wal-Mart I picked up Honeymoon Blush. I love it, only thing is that it's more of a highlight than a blush.

Even though the color looks very orangy, it is actually a really sheer pearly color. I use this as an all over shimmer. It is a very subtle shimmer, not overpowering at all. Perfect for the ideal daytime shimmer.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

REVIEW: Essential Tools Exfoliating Facial Sponge

Essential Tools Exfoliating Facial Sponge
PRICE: approx. $1

This sponge was way to rough and harsh on my skin. It left my skin feeling stripped and all red. However, I did have a little whitehead and it did remove that. My skin did feel softer, but the pain while scrubbing ever so lightly was horrible. In the end it was only $1, so you get what you pay for. Maybe if I invest in a better quality one, it will work better.
Exfoliating?!?!? More like Sandpaper!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Christian Louboutin Cat Burglar Barbie

Kinda makes me wish I had a machine that could make all those tiny little Barbie shoes a size 8 so that I could wear them. LOL!
I wanna be Barbie!
The Biotch has EVERYTHING!
(pics courtesy of google)

Cold Weather=Dry Skin

As the weather becomes cooler here in Arizona, I notice my skin becoming more dry and my lips get very chapped and wind burned. I have searched high & low for a healing salvation to my dry skin, but all attempts have failed....until now.
Nivea Creme
OMG! Fantastic thick cream that has come to save my dry hands and rough cuticles. I love the way this creme smells, so fresh and clean. I purchased this creme at Target for $2.99 in the travel section.
Nivea Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care & Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4
I love them! I use the Essential Lip Care (Darker Blue Tube) at night before bed. And I use the Hydrating Lip Care with SPF 4 (lighter blue tube) throughout the day. They smell so yummy, just like the lotion. I have tried so many lip balms such as Burt's Bees, Chapstick, Blistex, you name it and they did no justice to my dry lips. These lip products are heaven sent to me! I swear by them. I also purchased these at Target for $2.99 each.
Check out Nivea's website for other lip and body products.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Party Time

Holiday Parties!
Wooo whooo!
Saturday I attended my work's Holiday Party & it was pretty cool.
Here's how I wore my makeup.
I decided to keep it neutral, yet still rock a smokey eye.
(these pic are from when I got back from the party)
Get Ur Face On:
Mary Kay Concealer
Studio Fix Powder
Painterly Paint Pot
Assemblage Eye Shadow Quad
Hoola Bronzer (contouring)
Dallas Blush(my new ♥)
Creme D' Nude
Striptease Lip Gloss
I also had my hair extensions put in. I miss my long hair =(
I dyed my hair the night prior to the party.
I wish the color never faded and always remined like this....
only in a perfect world.

Not in the mood for false lashes so I just winged the eyeliner and applied tons of Lash Blast Mascara

Dolly messing around with the tiny Xmas tree.
Maybe she loves all the Hello Kitty & The Simpson's Ornaments.

Avon Lip Glosses

I recently purchased some AVON products. It had been ages since I'd purchased something from AVON, so after flipping through a catalogue, these 2 products caught my eye.
Blooming Pout Lip Gloss
This is a lip gloss that helps to "plump" lips. It also starts out clear, but gradually turns to a rosy pink. It has a tingling minty sensation upon application. The tingling stops after a few minutes. I didn't notice a big "plumping" effect.

Colortrend Shimmering Lip Gloss in Pink Sparkle.
This is a cute light pink lip gloss that has glitter reflects added to it. I loved that it wasn't too sticky.
Both products came out to less than $7

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Essie Nails a la' Shayne Lamas

The reason for this compulsive Essie Nail Polish Purchase was greatly influenced my Shayne Lamas for the E! Channel's "Leave It To Lamas" show. I recently saw an episode in which she is wearing this gorgeous soft pinkish white nail polish, I fell in love with her color! I new I had to hunt it down. I saw a close up of the nail polish and realized it was an Essie polish.
The hunt was on!
Here's what I got...

I purchased them at ULTA
They were buy 2 get one free.
Essie polishes are usually $8
I love the colors!

Here is my final product:

(color is a bit pinkier in person)
This has to be my favorite color as of now!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

e.l.f. Eye Encyclopedia @ Target

e.l.f. The Beauty Encyclopedia for the Eye
Purchased at: Target
How Much: $5
Quality from 1-10: 8

Comes with
2 Cream Eye Shadows
1 Black Eye Liner
1 Applicator 1/2 brush 1/2 sponge

Also includes
12 powder eye shadows
Look at those colors!
Perfect for a sultry sexy smoke eye!

Also comes with a "How to do a smokey eye look" guide
Overall this product was fairly good, that's why I rated it an 8. The powder shadows are pretty good but the cream one's crease and that's a no-no. The eye liner is pretty blah and the applicator is fairly decent.
I would think this is an affordable, yet inexpensive gift to give to any makeup addict you know!
What I also love about this kit is how portable it is. You can just toss it in your purse and you've got your complete eye makeup on the go.

Friday, December 4, 2009

No Longer A NARS Virgen

Don't you just love how TJMaxx has some amazing deals?!
I know I do! Look what I found Wednesday....

They best part of all, it was only $29.99!

I've always wanted Deep Throat Blush & Striptease Lip Gloss,
so when I saw this gift set, I knew it had to be mine!
I guess I can officially say, I'm no longer a NARS virgen.

REVIEW: The Body Shop Pomegranate Body Polish

The Body Shop Pomegranate Body Polish
PRICE: $3.99
RATING FROM 1-10: 10

(according to The Body Shop)
A luxurious body polish for daily use with exfoliating particles to gently ease away dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft, smooth and delicately scented with a sweet juicy berry fragrance.
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN: For sure I will
I love the scent of pomegranates! This body polish has tiny walnut pieces to help exfoliate the skin. It is not harsh at all and the smell is very soothing. It left my skin very soft to the touch and also visibly radiant. I love that I got it so cheap too! It's typically $6 at the regular Body Shop. Thanks TJMaxx for saving me a few bucks!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lime Crime Cosmetics

I was watching a recent video from Richie Nickel (whatstyleistonickel) & I feel in love with Lime Crime Cosmetics! You have to watch this video! At the beginning he is wearing this lilac lipstick that I just have to have! He also shows some other products he bought from he Lime Crime line. There are some gorgeous colors not to mention a dupe for M.A.C.'s Lavander Whip lipstick. Go check it out I know you'll love it! (photo is curtesy of

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sephora Nano Eyeliners

Sephora has these really great Nano Eyeliners for $5 and honestly, you can't beat that.

The quality is very good and the color payoff is fantastic.

There are 20 different colors to choose from.

Check out to see what colors you like.

Here's what I picked up...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally My Powderazzi

You are mine!

After calling ULTA like a psycho ex-gurlfriend, I was able to track down Benefit's Powderazzi ($ 30) on Sunday.
And you know I ran down there a.s.a.p. to pick it up!
I love it, look at those colors. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!

Self Realization: U know ur obsessed with blogger when you refuse to use your new makeup until you snap pics to share with ur followers first.

I know what a nerd... LOL until next time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

$1 e.l.f. Brushes

I was at my local Target recently and found an e.l.f. display. There were so many products to choose from & the prices were incredibly recession friendly! I saw that there were a few brushes for $1 each and I didn't hesitate to purchase those.

I must admit that the quality is exceptional! These are full size brushes with very soft bristles. I definitely give them a 10 out of 10!

Hurry, run to Target and see if you can get some before they run out!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Never Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch...

Thankfully this year, we were able to receive a Christmas Bonus at my job. When I found out the good news, I was ecstatic! Images of all the wonderful Forever 21 tops, MAC Holiday kits, and shoes, etc. ran through my head. I knew once I had the money, I would go on a much deserved shopping spree with the hubby. Well to make a long, super long story short, I GOT SUPER EFFIN JIPPED!!! Yes, I was told I would receive a minimum of around $750 and when I was told that I would only get $400, I was like, "Homeboy say what?!?!?!?" Yeah not cool.

Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that we even got a Christmas bonus because our economy is like crap right now, but the word is a lot of staff got over $1,000! WTF!

Honestly $400 is seriously not much now at days & I was actually going to use about half of the money for Christmas gift shopping for family. So much for that.

To be honest, I'm not very thrilled about Christmas this year. My hubby and I have so many bills & a mortgage payment every month. And the medical bills are racking up due to my Thyroid issue. Honestly we have like NO MONEY FOR GIFTS THIS YEAR.
It's such a tough time.

I know we aren't the only one's on the "Oh No, It's X-Mas" boat, but all I can say is, this too shall pass.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jessica Simpson Hair Obsession

~Dearest Jess~
I would kill for that unpolished yet sexy wave/crimp to you hair that you sported on "A Public Affair" CD cover .
If only mine would be tame enough to pull of this look...
P.S. Tony Romo is still a Douchebag!
*picture courtesy of photobucket

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scarlet Johanson Hair Obsession

~Dear ScarJo~
I absolutely love your rockin' red locks on the November 2009 cover of

Now, would you please chop of you hair so that I could have a ScarJo Hair Transplant?!

*picture courtesy of Glamour Magazine*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of my fantastic followers, I am so thankful to have you follow my blog and read my posts. As the number of followers increases my inspiration grows too. In your honor I will be hosting a giveaway and/or contest really soon. I currently have a pretty hefty bag of prizes for my loyal ladies, but I just want to add a bit more to it. Once I buy a few more prizes, I will surely give you all the details of how you can be the lucky winner! Once again thank you for all the love and support.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for a contest???
Oh, and stick around, you'll be seeing a lot more post very soon!!!

I Want My Powderazzi Now!!!

"I want it NOW Daddy!" -Veruca Salt
*photo courtesy of
Ever since I saw this Benefit Blush/Bronzer Trio on Temptalia I've been counting down the days until my local Ulta has them in stock.
This product is great! It's only $30 and it has 2 blushes, CORAList & Dallas & it has Hoola Bronzer.
Only bad thing is I have to wait until Sunday! My local Ulta is lagging it when it comes to stocking.
Only 4 more days and Powderazzi, your gonna be mine!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orange County Drama Mama

Orange County's Vain Fab Six
Is anyone else as obsessed about this season of
I know I am! Seriously I'm hooked!
Not much has changed from last season, Vicki is still a power hungry alpha female, Tamara is still too busy trying to act like a 21 year old and being jealous of Gretchen.
I did notice that Lynne is actually working, so that's a change right?!
Oh, and Gretchen has moved from old men, to sleazy ex-housewives hubby, Slade.
And there appears to be drama with Jeana possibly leaving the show, which brings me to Alexis. She is the new Peroxide Loving Lady in Coto De Caza.
I don't know about you girls, but I'm very much looking forward to all the new cat fights, drunk antics and blonde moments on this season.

Hard Candy

I purchased these Hard Candy Cosmetics @ Wal-Mart a while back ago so I've finally decided to share them with you. I got a beautiful pink blush in Living Doll. I also got a lipstick in Fire Alarm. I love this lipstick, it is very familiar to MAC's Myth. I honestly just love nude color lipsticks and this one if def my go to lippy. I always carry it in my purse and the formula is very creamy.

What cute Packaging!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Forever 21 Makeup Line

I was browsing the web this morning when all of the sudden, the "Shopping Bug" bit me! Don't you just hate when that happens?! Anyway, I typed in the website of my fav store, Forever21 to make a great discovery. Forever21 will soon be selling makeup from a new line that was created exclusively for them. Check it out...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Katrina Really Is a Princess!

One of my all time favorite bloggers Katrina, is holding a super sweet contest. She's so thoughtful, you should see some of the prizes she's got out to give. What a doll! I'm so addicted to her blog, everytime I see one of her posts, I quickly go to read it, her reviews are awsome, and her baby, such a cutie-pie. So don't forget to check her out and leaver her some love!

Check out the prizes!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miley Concert in LA & my 25th Birthday

For the BIG 25, I went to L.A. to spend my birthday with my sister & her family.
She had purchased ticket to the Miley Cyrus concert on the 22nd of September, so I went with my two little nieces.

I must admit, Miley is a great entertainer!

The Staples Center

Dinner at
Rosa Mexicano
My Birthday was great, but next year I just want to spend it at home with my hubby!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Revlon Lash Love

I recently reiceved some lashes from Revlon Cosmetics.
They look so beautiful...
I haven't tried them yet, but can't wait to do a look with these!

Monday, October 5, 2009

CG Lash Blast

I use to be a Lancome Hypnose junkie, but ever since CG introduced this mascara, I've been hooked! The quality is just as good as Hypnose and for a fraction of the price! Hypnose is somewher around $20 for one tube and I got two tubes of CG Lash Blast for less than $10!
Have you tried CG Lash Blast?
What do you think?