Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally My Powderazzi

You are mine!

After calling ULTA like a psycho ex-gurlfriend, I was able to track down Benefit's Powderazzi ($ 30) on Sunday.
And you know I ran down there a.s.a.p. to pick it up!
I love it, look at those colors. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!

Self Realization: U know ur obsessed with blogger when you refuse to use your new makeup until you snap pics to share with ur followers first.

I know what a nerd... LOL until next time!


  1. I am definitely asking for this for Christmas! :)

  2. It's so worth the $30! I love the packaging too, look at how cute it is!

  3. Swatches? :) I just bought Coralista and I love it!! It makes me want to try the other colors! good post

  4. LOL, you don't want any swatch marks in your pics =P Totally agree, I do that too!
    So jealous, the Powderazzi looks amazing!

  5. Dear Fre$h as $he Wannabee: I will get you those swatch pic hon. It's on my Honey-Do list for today.... so expect those soon!