Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mary-Kate & Ashley Cosmetics

Mary Kate + Ashley + Walmart= Cheap Makeup! I recently went to a local Walmart & saw these really cheap MK&A Cosmetics. I remember back in like my freshman yr of college, that I had some really cute pixie shimmers from this cosmetics line, but one day they just stopped selling! I was like WTF? Honestly, they are so inexpensive & the quality is great. I picked up 3 items and all 3 came with a little "bonus" to them. For example, I got the "Double Cover 2 in 1 Concealer" & that came with a free translucent setting powder. Why 2 in 1 you may ask? Well because you have one side that has a doe shaped application & on the other is a lipstick like concealer. Cool huh? I also picked up an awesome bronzer in "Sunlight Bronze". And that came with a little flat brush too! But may favorite is the "Eye Drama Powder Eye Color". The color is so rich and pigmented. I was I had a better cam to take a pic of a swatch, but my is crap-ola! I would compare the quality of this eyeshadow to that of a M.A.C. pigment. This also came with a free mini black eyeliner. And to my surprise, each item was less than $3! Yes, gotta love clearance prices!!! I hope they don't get rid of this line, because I know I will be back for more...

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