Sunday, December 6, 2009

Essie Nails a la' Shayne Lamas

The reason for this compulsive Essie Nail Polish Purchase was greatly influenced my Shayne Lamas for the E! Channel's "Leave It To Lamas" show. I recently saw an episode in which she is wearing this gorgeous soft pinkish white nail polish, I fell in love with her color! I new I had to hunt it down. I saw a close up of the nail polish and realized it was an Essie polish.
The hunt was on!
Here's what I got...

I purchased them at ULTA
They were buy 2 get one free.
Essie polishes are usually $8
I love the colors!

Here is my final product:

(color is a bit pinkier in person)
This has to be my favorite color as of now!

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