Friday, April 10, 2009

Let Me Break the Ice

Wow! So yes, finally I have decided to create my own blog! For months now I have been procrastinating, but I finally did it! Yeah me!
Well let's see.... I wanted to introduce myself, so here's a short little something to fill you in on the 411 on moi...

This is me...

I'm Yoselin a 24 year old modern day Stepford wife!

And this is my hubby...

I adore him!

I'm also madly obsessed with Hello Kitty, have been since the age of 4!

Another obsession has been M.A.C. I also adore it!

I can still remember my first trip to M.A.C. it was definitely love at first sight!!!!

Well I look forward to adding more posts and meeting new bloggers!


  1. Congrats on the new blog girl! You'll find soo many friendly ladies here with the same addictions as you! :) P.S. You and your hubby are ADORABLE!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!! :) Congrats on the new bloggy!!! YAY for MAC stuff!!! I can also still remember my first trip to MAC lol. I picked up the brightest eye shadow I could find lol I dunno where that one is now tho...ahhhh!

    You and your hubby are precious! :)

    Looking forward to your future posts!!! :)